It's startling how something so little can carry so much love.

Everyone needs a guardian angel, and this one can be given for any reason. Each, pewter Pocket Angel is small enough (the size of a quarter) to keep in your pocket, or adorn your perfect gift.

I am a tiny angel,
I'm smaller than your thumb.
Living in your pocket,
To keep close watch on you.

I was sent by a Special Friend,
Who blessed you with Angel care.
Then told me to never leave you,
And I vowed always to be there.

I'm A Guardian Angel
For Your Loved Ones and Friends

Give this beautiful pewter Pocket Angel to special friends and loved ones. And because we believe everyone needs a Pocket Angel; we will include ONE FOR YOU TOO for every 4 orders you place!
We believe it's always better to give than receive. That's why we put together this unique Pocket Angel gift site. All you pay is the $1.80 Shipping/Handling charge for each Pocket Angel ordered.

We stand behind our Pocket Angels.
Many sites have complicated guarantees - we don't.
If you're not happy with your Pocket Angel, you shouldn't be forced to keep it...
Our Guarantee
All transactions processed through our system are secure and are handled efficiently and quickly. In the unlikely event that you're not entirely satisfied with your Pocket Angel, send it back (within 14 days) for a re-fund of the Shipping and Handling charges.

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    Your Pocket Angels will be delivered in about 2 weeks.
    Shipping/Handling $1.80 For Each Pocket Angel Ordered - USA Only

                                               Our Pocket Angel is Made of Pewter and is Approximately the Size of A Quarter. Send One To Your Loved Ones and Friends.

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